Saturday, 10 December 2011


Doodle hugged Anthony for five minutes and wouldn't let go. HotHotHotHot. I also hugged Anthony and wouldn't let go. Hothothothothot. It was almost eleven, most people were sleeping, so we decided to take pictures, then go.
We got back in the room and laid down. We all laid down in the corner, snuggled up to one another. I looked out the window. I could see pigeons flying past, and birds tweeting. Tweeting? At midnight? What the hell?
I jumped out of the window to see the pretty birds. Toby caught me. He kissed me and told me I was the most beautiful woman in the world.
"Shut up, Holly." I heard Hawa say. I looked at my phone, it was four in the morning. I was talking. Saying stuff like, "Love." and "Hothothothot."
I fell asleep again and woke up in the morning. I checked my phone, again, and it was eight. I was the first person awake. I decided to get dressed and put on makeup.
I heard Ally yawn. "Wake up, sleepy heads." I wasn't quiet. We had to go to the second day of VidCon in less than two hours, and we still haven't eaten food and had our internet time.
I decided to check Twitter. I looked at my mentions.
"Fake. Photoshopped. You can see it right there." Douchebag.
I went into the tinychat and no one at all was there, except Bella saying she had to go. I went to the other tinychats from some random audience members, basically a group like our and Lo's.
They were British. "Those little twats think that's Toby? Hah,  easily photoshopped." Funny, it wasn't.
"Honestly, what do you think if it was Toby?" Asked the one wearing a purple shirt and fake mustache. (To act like a douchebag.)
I put my name as "BF" like I usually do if I troll other chats. Then I thought about it. Where has BF been for the past month? We haven't spoken to eachother since we talked about his mom having cancer. Sad, sad, sad. He reminds me of Phil, or maybe Sean. Except BF is always optimistic.
"BF? Who in the bloody hell is BF?" The girl named, "Shoeeeee" said. Stupid whore. Haha, I'm just kidding. I'm just taking my anger out.
I felt a pat on the shoulder. "What TinyChat are you in?" Jayde asked. They gathered round.
"Some douchebag British one and they think the pictures of us with Toby are photoshopped."
Really? Want us to bring him on TinyChat? Well we'll probably never see that again, so no.
Lauren yawned and got up from the floor. "Man, that hurts the back." She stretched.
I went and broadcasted. "Hey, you British douchebags, um, I just want to talk to you about how that wasn't photoshopped."
"Sorry, you little twat bratty children," He began. Oh shut the fuck up. "That was 100% photoshopped unless we get video proof."
I facepalmed. "Don't you watch his lazy vlogs? Do it."
"Yesterday's?" The snooty blonde asked.
"Mhm..." I walked off, Jayde and Emma took my place.
Luna walked out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth. "'Olly," She said with her mouth full, "I 'ave 'umthing to 'hoh 'oo."
I paid my full attention to Luna. She took the toothbrush out of her mouth. "It says juicey melons on the soap." She laughed. I giggled like a retard and walked out, checking my hair on my way.
I walked back and Jayde was on the bed with the computer. "Proof. Holly just gave it."
Leesh and Corine took the blankets, folded them and put them in the corner, nicely.
"Time to go?" Jayde asked as she closed my macbook.
"Yep," I said. "Breakfast."

Part 6 - A BAGEL!?

"Just remember," I started. "Don't do anything stupid that will get Jack to hate us." Luna nodded.
She grabbed a bagel off the side at chucked at his head. It missed and hit Kristin's.
"Why did you do that?" I asked.
Silence. "I panicked!" Luna replied.
Jack looked around. "Really, Luna?" I started. "A bagel?"
"I panicked!" She argued.
"You okay, babe?" Jack asked Kristin.
Luna put her hands into fists and whispered to me. "I want to be me, so bad."
"Yeah, thanks." She said while rubbing her head.
I hit Luna lightly on the head. "Ow!" She complained.
"Well then, next time, don't throw bagels at celebrities girlfriends." I laughed and took a bite of my pizza.
"But Jack's so hot!" She argued. I looked over at Jack. He was doing to troll face. I looked back at Luna and gave her the "are-you-kidding-me" face.
She rolled her eyes.
Later, we were in our hotel and getting ready for bed. We laid our blankets and we went on the internet and tinychatted with those who couldn't be here.
Then our door knob jiggled. "Firetruck!" I heard from outside the door.
"What the hell?" I yelled. Corine and I ran up to the door and opened it.
"Nice one, Ian." Some really hot guy said to another hot guy. "Wrong room." He chuckled.
"Oh, shut up!" He replied.
Ian? Firetruck? Shut up? That all sounds very firetrucking familiar. 
The door slammed shut and Emma joined us outside the room. All three of us knocked on the door at the same time in a rhythmic motion.
Ian answered the door. "Can I help you?"
"Holy shit." I ran down the hall and kneeled and broke down. I was crying, also.
Doodle covered her mouth and Corine was just as shocked. I ran into our room.
"Ian and Anthony!" I said without thinking.
"What?" The all said back.
"Ian and," I can't, "Anthony." breathe. "They're outside! In the next room beside us!"
All the girls got up. "What?" I heard from the computer. It was Alina. Oh crap. Their biggest fan was in our tinychat and pissed off.
I grabbed the computer from Jayde and we walked out and I faced the computer, (Alina) to Ian. Alina smiled and wouldn't stop. Just like when she met Anthony.
"We love you!" We all screamed and hugged Ian. He smiled.
"Anthony!" He yelled from inside. "Our neighbors are these cute little fans!"
Anthony walked out. "Yes! They're not fifty year old cranky men like last year."
Best. Trip. EVER.

Part 5 - Seeing others

The day went passed, we were introduced to Shane Dawson, I never really cared for.  We continued to walk around and Toby slowly faded away from us. He looked at his iPhone. "Sorry, girls. I have to go on stage now. Just remember to keep your chins up always and that I won't forget you. I love you guys, you're awesome. Hopefully, we'll meet again." He hugged us. I blurted out crying. Some of the other girls did, too.
Time passed and it was Toby's turn to go on stage. He gave his introduction. "So, I met some girls on my way here, first VidCon. I showed them around, they were amazing." He started. Our hearts were beating ten cajillion miles an hour. "I'd like to bring up my girls. Emily, Holly, Corine, Hawa, Emma, Leesh, Lauren and... Jayde?" He smiled.
We didn't want to embarrass ourselves, so we tried not to cry. We slowly walked up the stage, the stairs were slippery from my excitement, and my palms were sweaty.
On the stage, Toby gave us all a hug. I looked back and saw many people. We waved and blew kisses. It was cute.
"These girls are my biggest fans. Can I get a round of applause?" Everyone clapped. I covered my mouth. We were escorted off the stage, after, and we watched the rest of the show. He was-and always will be- adorable.
Before we knew it, it was time to leave and go to our hotel. Tomorrow was still another day.
We ate dinner out, not too expensive, dressed in our Toby t-shirts and my "Bless your face" hoodie, the chaperones stayed behind.
All of us ate what we had, I had pizza. I was looking for poutine, but then I remember we were in America. Damn Americans and their lack of deliciousness.
I looked over and saw Jack escorting Kristin in a table. I nudged Luna, who was sitting beside me sipping her chocolate milk, and she looked over. The next thing I knew, I was covered in spit chocolate milk.
"Luna!" I quietly yelled."Calm!" She breathed heavily and covered her mouth.
"Well, we can't just bug him and Kristin. Try to get him to notice us." Luna nodded.
"Let's do some shit." I said.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Part 4 - Finding the man himself

They jumped all over the place.
"Get up, Holly!" The girls yelled. "Vidcon!" I got up all excited.
"Vidcon!" I screamed. "Wheeeew!" We ran across the room grabbing our clothes. We all planned to dress in our special shirts and do our hair special, just in case we run into the man himself, Toby Turner, or maybe for Luna, Jack Douglass.
We took turns in the bathroom doing our hair and getting dressed. My sister wanted to come, she was a big Toby and Jack fan too. Luna wore her Jacksfilms one. Jayde and Leesh wore their green Tobuscus shirt, Hawa, Lauren and I; purple, Corine and Doodle; black.
We were all set! We skipped out of the house joyfully, Jayde, Leesh, Doodle, Corine, Hawa, Lauren, Luna, Ally and I. They scary thing was, Luna was almost as old as Ally.
We got in a bus and he took us to the "Anaheim Convention Center". All of us talked about what we would do if we saw Toby. The ride on the bus was long, we were not close the the Convention Center. I sat at the back just to get a good seat. There were seven of us, you know.
The girls rambled on and I looked behind me. There were many cars. It was, what, noon? I double checked to that I had my camera. If I got a picture with Toby, it would be my profile picture. Or NicePeter. Or Jacksfilms. Or even Rebecca Black. I love RB. Strange, I know. Or Justin Bieber. Don't worry, I have a base ball bat... At home.
I realized all this thought I am in, it hasn't even been five minutes. The girls were still chatting and I looked behind me, through the window. My jaw dropped. I screamed.
They looked at me, "What's wrong?!" Leesh asked. I cried and cried. They peeked out the window and we all started hyperventilating. The man himself. Toby Turner. Was in the car behind us. He must have been heading to the convention center, also.
We all cried and talked about how as soon as we got off this bus, we'd go get his autograph and a picture... And a kiss. Luna just sat there and laughed.
The bus finally stopped, and we wiped our tears and got out of the bus. Toby turned his car and went into the parking-lot.  He got out of the car, and he walked up to us. We were wearing Tobuscus shirts, though.
"Hey guuuurls." He said. I was shaking like crazy. I'm sure all the others were, too. I turned my head and cried. All the others just looked at him and drooled. My sister rolled her eyes at us.
Toby put his hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay?" He said as he turned my around. He was smiling. YOU GOD. I thought. YOU GOD AMONG MEN!
I wiped my tears and laughed. "I guess." I smiled back. Emma didn't help it, she screamed. After I shushed her, Toby escorted us inside the building talking to us. All of us calmed down and listened.
"Is this your first year for all of you?" We nodded in a rhythmic motion. "Good," Toby started. "Guess I can show you girls around."
He brought showed us all around and then he looked at us and whispered, "You girls want to come back stage with me?" We smiled and nodded again. He brought us back. I thought for a second.
"Hey Toby, do you mind if I vlog?" I said. "I do daily vlogs, also."
He nodded. "Oh! That reminds me!" He took out his phone. "I have to vlog, too!"
He took out his phone and pointed it at us. "Audience... Wha?! What are you doing looking at the audience, audience? That's so cute!" He gave us a hug. I covered my mouth. Who knew something could happen like this in a half hour!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Part 3 - OMFG.

All of us girls were so extremely happy.
Leesh, Jayde and Hawa.
My sister, Hawa's mother, Hawa, Leesh, Jayde and I, walked out of the airport after getting our stuff and went to catch a cab.
We all ended up at the hotel and all of us were ready to meet Smoby-dick. We got the key to our room and went inside, we braced ourselves for the tears. We opened the door and we all cried and hugged eachother. We looked at eachother, poked eachother, made sure we weren't dreaming.
We sat down, and we put our stuff in drawers. I took out my laptop and went on facebook.
I'm FINALLY with my girls! This is the happiest day of my life.
We were all crouded around the computer then, the door slammed open. "Hey, hey, biches." We all screamed. It was Luna.
We tossed the computer across the bed and ran to hug Luna. We all threw out arms around her shouted for joy. My eyeliner was all over my face by now. All these girls were prettier in person.
The day passed, and we talked all day. My sister put everything away, and played Minecraft.
Luna took her own laptop out, and we tinychatted on both with the girls that couldn't be here like Bella and Alex.
At about four o'clock, all of us decided to go explore the hotel. We went down to the lobby. We all crammed into the elevator. When we got to the end, the doors opened. There was Doodle and Lauren standing in front of me. We all screamed and ran towards them. They got frightened, then threw their arms around us, too. "Do we have to wait for anyone else?" Doodle asked. I thought...
Luna... check. Jayde... check. Corine... check. Lauren... check. Doodle... check. Hawa... check. Leesh... check! Everyone's here! We all piled in the elevator again and we they got settled in.
We went downstairs, and we found out there was a swimming pool.
"Foop yeah!" Corine said with her accent. I high fived her.
We got food, making sure we didn't eat too much, since we were on a supply of money.
The time passed talking about our journey here, and how we're glad we were together.
It was time for bed, and we all got ready. Tomorrow was the first day of Vidcon. Couldn't wait. The chaperones got the three beds, while we got the floor. We just supplied ourselves with pillows. We all laid in a little corner to be comfortable, and we went on the internet on everyone's iPhones and iPods.
I dozed off at about two AM, because I was sleeping on the floor. I woke up and checked my phone, it was four AM. I looked at all the girls, they were sleeping. It was awesome how I was finally with the people that have saved my life.
I quickly fell asleep, I have a big day tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Part 2 - Life is saved

I shook my head and looked up. I saw my sisters face. I was sleeping with my head in her lap. I raised it.
"What time is it?" I complained.
"We're almost here." That's like what happened when I went to Vancouver, except it was my sister's girlfriend, not her.
I hated going down, it made me dizzy. I held my breath, and I held my sister close. We landed, and everyone started leaving. So, as soon as I get there, Corine will be in the hotel room? Sweet. I got out and took my carry-on. In the lobby of the airport, I saw tons of people. I texted Jayde and she said she was in the same airport and she's coming.
I asked my sister to wait for her. "Eh, sure." She replied.
We started walking towards the baggage claiming. "Can we get coffee? I sure need it after that long flight." I asked.
"Sure." Ally replied.
"So, where's the Tim Hortens?"
Ally facepalmed. "We're in America, you turd." She said.
"Oh right. They only have Starbucks. Isn't that really gross? Timmies is way better." I argued.
"Yeah, it is. But we're gonna' have to settle for that."
We ended up at the baggage claim and I found mine. I cheered. Ally was still waiting for hers.
My pocket vibrated. "I'm here!" Read a text from Jayde. All the other girls were either coming or already in there. Actually, I think I was the second girl. I texted every single one of the girls that weren't already there and they replied stuff like, "I'm on the plane." or, "I'm in the airport." or, "I'm just leaving, now." I made a little chart in my head.
Corine: Already at the hotel. Hawa: On the plane. Leesh: Won't reply. (Probably on plane.) Luna: In the airport. Doodle: Just getting off. (At a different airport.) Lauren: On the plane. Jayde: Just getting off.
I looked around. Didn't see her. There were a lot of people. I was lucky not to get kidnapped by a pedophile. I sat there with my bag and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked behind me and saw Jaydebuscus. I screamed throughout the entire airport and hugged her.
"Jayde!" I yelled. "I actually see you! In person!"
"It's so cool to actually see you!" Jayde said. "Where are the other girls?"
"Corine and is at the hotel, and the others are on a plane or in this airport as we speak. We've been here for a half hour so Leesh, Hawa are probably hear. Doodle and Lauren are at another airport. We're split up for now, but as soon as we're together, we'll be unstoppable."
Another plane arrived. I looked over and saw two girls that I knew. They were on the same flight? They live in two different countries... Must have been a stopping flight. It was Hawa and Leesh. I was gonna cry. I ran up to them and hugged them. This trip is turning into something amazing.

Part 1 - On my way

I'm actually going! This is crazy! I get to meet Corine, Luna, Hawa, Leesh, Doodle, Steff, Lauren, and most importantly, Tobuscus!
I packed my bad very happily. Tomorrow morning, I was leaving. I can't believe I actually raised two thousand dollars for my sister and I to go. I'm happy they trust Ally. At least Steff will be chaperoning us. When I finished, I couldn't stop texting Corine. It would be hard for Corine, because of the timezones. I texted all of them.
We said stuff like, "I am so happy, I'm crying." and "Audience united!" It was cute. I remember about fifty batteries and my camera. That means if I meet Toby, I can take a picture of us. I also remembered my camera. Girl, I need to vlog. Also, my laptop. We can watch Toby's vlog before bed of where he is in the Vidcon place.
I was in a plane, the next thing I knew. When I got out I saw everything cool. Wait, where is my sister? I saw all my internet friends and we went to hug eachother, we're in tears.
Then I woke up. Damnit.
"Holly! Are you excited?" My mom shook me.
"No duh!" I couldn't stop shaking. It was four in the morning. The flight was three hours. I rushed my mom out of my room and tried to look at beautiful as I could. I put on my purple Tobuscus shirt and skinny jeans. My favourite thing about June is that you can go outside at four AM and it will be so beautiful. The sun was rising. I was applying my eyeliner when I heard the door knock. I opened and it was my sister. Oh god. I thought. She's so grumpy in the morning.
"Holly, you're not the only one excited for this." Ally said. Ally's hair was a mess, and she had her jacket on. Looks like she slept in. It was four-thirty and we had to catch our plane at five. I went into my dad's room and kissed him goodbye. I went to my brothers room and kissed him goodbye, he wanted to stab me with a stick. Grumpy Jordan. Then I went to my dog. I snuggled and kissed for, what it felt like, twenty minutes. It was only two. I kissed her and told her to be a good-girl.
"Take care of Stefani, for me." I asked my mom.
"Yeah, I'll snuggle her every night. Daddy loves her."  
My dad walked out into the kitchen where Ally and I were standing at the door.
"Love you, Holly-Dolly." Dad said. "Be good to your sister."
"I will, daddy." I told him.  "I love you!"
"Okay, let's go." Ally said. "Love you guys!" We left and my mom followed. All three of us got in her car and we drove. I made sure I had my iPod for the trip. I puke on planes. I fell asleep on the ride and Ally poked me to get up. "Get up, wiener." She said. There's always one rule; Always listen to Ally and Dad.
The flight wasn't delayed, but I texted the girls and they said they were on the plane. I like texting on a plane. What I learned from my brother is that, it won't hurt unless everyone on the plane is doing it, which I doubt it happening.
I got onto the plane, kissed my mom, told her I'd see her in five days. I had my passport. I've never been out of the country! It's strange.
We had no time to have a coffee, we had to get on the plane. We quickly got on the plane, and I grabbed my blanket from my carry-on. I got a text from Corine telling me she was in LA already, and it was three AM there. We all planned to meet in the hotel room. I could tell this was going to be amazing.